Building Operating System (BOS)

AmI is the scientific acronym for Ambient Intelligence and served ad inspiration for this Building Operating System (BOS), which optimizes Facility Management operations and added value to buildings.

AMI-Hub is a platform that not only enables the complete and centralized monitoring of buildings through IoT, but also an improved interaction between its occupants, Facility Managers, service providers, and property owners.

The use of Artificial Intelligence technology makes the communication between spaces and their occupants possible. Using a harnessed data-based Digital Twin we create the online experience of actually being in one.


Live Map visualization makes it possible to easily understand the data collected through local cyber-physical infrastructure and our applications SPIRI, PISCARI, FLUXI e FLUO, or our partner's, revolutionize the way how facilities are operated. Not only as single applications but also as combined cooperation through standard APIs.

Classification and regression models are used to afford intelligence to alerts and automatic management guidelines.
As a consequence, at the same time that quantitative performance analysis are shown, actions suggestions are presented to improve facility management.

Building Operating System (BOS)

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